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The Victory Garden

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The seed varieties listed on this page are documented in period sources (see references below) and appropriate for planting in a W.W. II-era themed Victory Garden.  Our seed is fresh for the current planting year.

Click on the seed variety name for plant descriptions and ordering information.

Seeds for Victory Gardens

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Victory Seeds

Varieties for a WWII-era Victory Garden
[ Click on the vegetable names below to find seeds ]
Kentucky Wonder Bean 2,3 Hollow Crown Parsnip 4
Scarlet Runner Beans 4 Little Marvel Pea 4
Crosby Egyptian Beet 2, 4 Long Red Cayenne Pepper 4
Detroit Dark Red Beet 1, 4 Connecticut Field Pumpkin 4
Early Wonder Beets 4 Early Scarlet Radish 1,4
Copenhagen Market Cabbage 2,4 White Icicle Radish 2, 4
Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage 4 Salsify, Mammoth Sandwich Island 4
Golden Acre Cabbage 4 Early Prolific Straightneck Squash 1,4 
Danvers Carrot 1 Table Queen Squash 1,4
Chantenay Red Cored Carrot 1,2 Fordhook Swiss Chard 2,3,4
Georgia Collards 1, 4 Lucullus Swiss Chard 2,4
Golden Bantam Sweet Corn 1,2 Earliana Tomato 2,3
Straight Eight Cucumber 4 Marglobe Tomato 1,3
Black Beauty Eggplant 4 Rutgers Tomato 2
Dwarf Blue Curled Kale 4 Purple Top White Globe Turnip 1,2,3
Early White Vienna Kohl Rabi 4 Kleckley's Sweet Watermelon 4
Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce 1 Tom Watson Watermelon 4
Mignonette Lettuce 4  

Looking for a great gift or a cost effective way of starting an heirloom garden? Check out out kits for 21st Century Victory Garden Kits.

Victory Garden Starter Kit™
Includes everything you need to start your own Victory Garden.

Throughout history, Victory Gardens have been sown during times of war as a way for folks to both feed their families and to aide in the war effort.

Planting a "Victory Garden" has more personal significance in our time.  Whatever your reason may be – stretching your grocery budget and saving money, growing pure food for your family's table or declaring independence from the corporate food chain – planting a garden makes sense.

Contained in a decorative gift bag are tried and true varieties suitable for planting a Victory Garden in a wide range of climates.

• ‘Blue Lake 274’ Bush Beans
• ‘Detroit Dark Red’ Beets
• ‘Red Cored Chantenay’ Carrots
• ‘Homemade Pickles’ Cucumber

• ‘Green Salad Bowl’ Lettuce
• ‘Evergreen Bunching’ Onion
• ‘French Breakfast’ Radish
• ‘Grey Zucchini’ Summer Squash


  • Brochure about Victory Gardening and the Victory Seed Company
  • Clyde’s Garden Planner

If you are interested in a more complete selection, check out our Victory Garden Kit™ or for a very large garden, our Canned Victory Garden™.

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Documentation Sources:

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