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The Victory Garden
Victory Gardening Memories

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The following words are the memories of people who lived through the tough times chronicled at this site.

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"In 1942, I was twelve years old. My parents moved to a different home in Kearny, New Jersey where there was a good sized back yard. I got permission to turn it into a vegetable garden which was very successful. While I had no experience with gardening, I perused the public library, reading garden books and literature. Among the information was an article about the Hopi who grew great corn. Following their lead, my corn was excellent.

The family had plenty of vegetables and the surplus was wheeled around the neighborhood and bartered for ration stamps. These were in short supply. It was a win-win situation. My Victory Garden was a huge success!"

Dr. N. Park

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"I have very fond memories of working with my mother on our Victory Garden as a young child. Our back yard was loaded [with produce] and then she also had a plot on a farm down the street. Our basement was loaded with canned vegetables and fruits.

Working in our Victory Garden was even more poignant as we were close to Mitchell Air Force Base on Long Island and transport planes were constantly flying over our home on the way to the European theater."

E. McFann

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